I got this thinking mind

It seems to make me blind

I always seem to find

Myself lost in thoughts


Lots of ways they pull

Wool over my eyes

It seems to disguise

The true nature of being


This I am seeing

Keying off a new reality

I become one with totality

Escaping the malady


Of identifying with mortality

I feel life’s vitality

Coursing through my veins

I’ve broken the chains


Now nothing remains

I’ve given up the reins

Surrendering to this moment

I feel pure enjoyment


My steps are buoyant

No longer stuck in a loop

I’ve fled the coop

Swimming in quantum soup


The self melts away

As I start to play

The infinite game

Which has no name


We are all the same

Came from the source

I’m charting the course

Back to the divine


Where I am aligned

Bind myself to this earth

Break the cycle of rebirth

I no longer put my worth


In my identity

All I feel is serenity

I’ve achieved mental clarity

No longer the thinking mind


I’m now in relation

With all of creation

My deepest revelation

All thanks to meditation.