I feel the urge to make

Life is a cake that we bake

Take this urge to create

To become great


Sate this inner hunger

I ain’t getting any younger

Always consuming is a blunder

Sometimes I look around in wonder


Everything around you that you call life

was made up by people no smarter than you.

It’s true

Few understand this important fact


And it makes it hard for them to act

Anyone can make an impact

Especially if you attract

People that have you backed


Why don’t you make a pact?

A sacred contract

With yourself to extract

As much creative juice as you can


I’d rather build than get a tan

Go west young man

Settle a new land

Maybe start a cool band


Or a castle made outta sand

Even if nothing goes as planned

Your life will still be grand

And food won’t taste as bland


A new era is at hand

Are you ready to take a stand?

Command others with your vision

No more division


If you wanna unify the nation

You must embody love and creation

No time for a vacation

Elation is all I feel in this moment


Enjoyment in channeling the divine

Nothin I make is mine

It’s because of this higher power that I shine

Intelligent by design


No need to get drunk on wine

All I need is sunshine

Assign yourself the label of creator

Nothing will be greater