came to this retreat

to enjoy Sedona’s desert heat

meet my true self

shelf these limiting beliefs


no more tricks up my sleeves

diseases of the mind

i’m ready to put ‘em behind

designed to bring us closer


feels like i got parental closure

exposure to energy work

playin red vs black I feel like a jerk

win at all costs it’s an odd quirk


doing this with friends is a great perk

smirk as i think about my past

these moments seem to go by so fast

like tellin stories by the fire, what a blast


surpassed my expectations

i feel all of my bodies sensations

temptations to return to an old script

which has me gripped


stripped myself of my thinking mind

no longer a man that’s blind

i’ve broken the bind

life doesn’t have to be a grind


find joy in being awake

especially as the sun begins to break

and my skin begins to bake

take what i’ve learned


burned it into my core

i walk through this door

as i begin to explore

no longer keeping score