Breath the gateway to pleasure

Inside you is the treasure

I move through life with leisure

Measure your life through the hedonic


Just don’t smoke too much of that chronic

Sometimes I’m like sonic

Speed running through this life

I’m tryin to slow down and be free of strife


Rife with mental suffering

My mind is constantly buffering

Loading yet another thought

Peace is only brought


When you step into presence

It’s our true essence

All around me the lights glow with luminescence

We must grow beyond adolescence


Shed our old identity

Becoming an embodied entity

I can’t help but experience serenity

Density of my pain body has dropped


Popped into another dimension

Where there’s no more tension

Ascension to a higher plane

I don’t mind the rain


It’s easy to transmute the pain

With the help of tantra you can attain

A beautiful state of being

And honestly it’s so freeing


Like taking off a tight shoe

I only spew

that which feels true

This you already knew.