i feel the dragons breath

as i experience ego death

breadth of each stroke is bliss

hiss in my mind stopped


dropped into my core

i’m hungry for more

door to my unconscious is open

hopin somethin new is learned


burned logs in the fire

as my thoughts turned higher

i’ve reached the summit peak

now all that’s left is the plummet


won it

what did I win?

i still feel like i’m full of sin

pin down my arm


i no longer feel harm

alarm in my head is silent

and the colors are so vibrant

giant waves washing over my body


as i begin to embody

and enter samadhi

i experience a paradigm shift

as i receive this beautiful gift


sift through all this childhood trauma

that continues to play out in my life’s drama

prana energy exchanged with every touch

could this be too much?


clutch onto some sense of reality

banality of existence melts away

as we reach the astral plane to play

pray that i leave the past behind


this is all a test that’s designed

to see how well you can be refined

molded by the flames

as we play these infinite games


frames are all broken

nothing needs to be spoken

token of appreciation for this bodywork

with some smooth jazz as a perk